SeCa Smoke and hazard alarms

Temperature detector

The temperature detector reports an ambient temperature rise and is triggered at 57°C. The temperature detector is an alternative solution when the smoke detector cannot be employed due to dust or steam as in the kitchen or where a wood-fired heating is used.

Smoke detectors

Hazard alarms


The temperature detector has an interface for optional upgrade with SeCa radio modules to use in various radio fire alarm systems

Product details:

  • alarm triggering at 57°C according to EN 54
  • acoustic signaling through integrated horn
  • displays malfunctions and its need for battery replacement (30 days in advance)
  • interface for optional upgrade with SeCa radio modules
  • environment-friendly operation thanks to replaceable battery


Technical data:

  • battery-operated, 9V alkaline battery (type IEC 6LR61)
  • operating temperature: -10°C to +65°C
  • horn typ. 85db (1m distance)
  • surveillance area: 25 m² with a maximum height of 6m
  • dimensions: height: 70mm, diameter: 80mm

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