SeCa Smoke and hazard alarms

Smoke detector Q2

The smoke detector Q2 can save lives – for 10 years without any battery change. Thanks to its user-friendlyness and ease of maintenance the Q labelled smoke detector with sealed long-term battery supply  is suitable for the protection of apartments and residental buildings.

Smoke detectors

Hazard alarms


Product details

  • optical smoke detector
  • VdS approved according to vfdb 14/01 (Q-label)
  • VdS approved according to EN 14604, appendix L and thus suitable for installation in recreational vehicles
  • to avoid false alarms the sensivity of the detector is automatically adjusted to the degree of pollution in its measurement chamber
  • activation of the smoke detector by locking into the socket
  • multifunctional push button for checking  the operating state or muting any unmeant alarm
  • required replacement of the detector is displayed by horn and LED


Technical data:

  • 3 V DC long-term battery operation (sealed)
  • operating temperature: +0°C to +40°C
  • horn typ. 85db (3m distance)
  • dimensions: height: 10mm, diameter: 104 mm

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