S 100 radio smoke detector PREMIUM with tamper switch

The smoke detector sets off an alarm early enough, before the smoke concentration gets dangerous. Thanks to its higher resistance to temperature changes it is particularly immune to false alarms. The detector provides tamper protection against unauthorized removal. The integrated S 100 PREMIUM radio module enables radio transmission of alarm- and status information to the control panel and much more.

The system parameters (e.g. horn settings, status reports) are set up wireless from the control panel. Furthermore the innovative radio technology enables the system to establish a radio network independently.


Product details:

  • optical smoke detector
  • VdS approved EN 14604 incl. appendix L
  • acoustic signaling through integrated horn
  • displays radio disturbance, malfunctions and its need for battery replacement (30 days in advance)
  • tamper protection against unauthorized removal
  • radio transmission of status reports according to EN 54-25 (can be set to 100-300 sec.)
  • environment-friendly operation thanks to replaceable batteries


Technical data:

  • radio transmission via ISM band
  • battery-operated, 9V square lithium battery (type CR 9V7P)
  • operating temperature: -10°C to +60°C
  • horn typ. 85db (3m distance)
  • disturbance variables: grime,  dirt, dust, steam
  • surveillance area: 60 m² with a maximum height of 6m
  • dimensions: height: 51mm, diameter: 100mm

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