SeCa Smoke and hazard alarms

Smoke detector S

The smoke detector S can save lives since it signals a fire at an early stage – before the smoke concentration gets dangerous. It has been extensively tested according to EN 14604 for high resistance to temperature changes and is therefore suitable for installation in recreational vehicles. Thanks to its high-performance measurement chamber it is particularly immune against false alarms. The detector comes with an alarm-saving function and a muting function. An alarm can be stored for 24 hours and turned mute for 10 minutes respectively, now.

Smoke detectors

Hazard alarms


Intelligent analysis of the measurement chamber signal as well as sophisticated automatic self-testing of the entire electronics, ensure superior reliability. The smoke detector has an interface for optional upgrade with SeCa radio modules to use in various radio fire alarm systems.

Product details:

  • optical smoke detector
  • VdS approved EN 14604 incl. appendix L
  • acoustic signaling through integrated horn
  • temporary storage and display of alarms (24 hrs)
  • muting-function in accordance with EN 14604 for the suppression of acoustic signals for 10 minutes
  • displays malfunctions and its need for battery replacement (30 days in advance)
  • interface for optional upgrade with SeCa radio modules
  • environment-friendly operation thanks to replaceable battery 


Technical data:

  • battery-operated, 9V alkaline battery (type IEC 6LR61) or 9V square lithium battery (type CR 9V7P)
  • operating temperature: -10°C to +60°C
  • horn typ. 85db (3m distance)
  • disturbance variables: grime, dirt, dust, steam
  • surveillance area: 60 m² with a maximum height of 6m
  • dimensions: height: 51mm, diameter: 100mm 

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