Project planning procedure

Why is project planning important?

Within the framework of project planning the building’s individual conditions, especially its suitability for radio applications are analyzed and the requirements for the radio systems are collected.

The prerequisites for the best possible protection of life and material assets are met only when essential factors - suitability of the building for radio applications, the proper alarm concept, the customer’s wishes, the attention to the prevailing norms and laws - had been considered up front.

What do you have to bear in mind with regards to project planning?

Size, structures, and architecture determine the degree of radio damping and thus the quality of radio communication. Changes in the building (utilization, furnishing, number of persons residing in the building) should be taken into account as factors of influence on the stability of radio communication. A measurement with control panel, repeaters, and several detectors positioned in their final places gives a clear picture regarding the suitability of the building for radio applications. During measurement the conditions should remain as constantly (poor) as possibly. The influence of varying surrounding conditions should as well be determined within the scope of the measurement. In buildings with lifts it may be necessary to check the effects on the radio communications with regard to the different stop positions.