As first company in the fire detection industry in Europe we started developing systems for wireless data transmission about 15 years ago. The first radio module for battery operated smoke detectors, the first radio hazard alarm system (patented DE 100 17 182) as well as further innovative product developments originated from the goal to establish fire prevention as an issue for everyone.

Endowed with expertise and 15 years of experience we take the next step by standardizing our reliable radio technique for professional fire detection technology. With our most recent product generation called SeCa SRC 4000 we are able to provide a wireless fire alarm system that due to its innovative radio technology  Wireless 54® not only complies with EN 54-25 but also offers transmission reliability comparable with wired systems.

R&D cooperation

Our collaboration in a research association of the state Baden-Württemberg enables us to rule out communicational failures that occur due to software flaws or radio protocols.

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