2015   Remote access/monitoring for SRC 4000 wireless fire alarm systems via Internet with APP Wireless 54® or PC-Software Assistant Wireless 54®.
2013   Wireless fire alarm system fulfilling the EN 54 with integrated radio technology Wireless 54®
2011   SeCa Wireless 54®
2010   „SeCa CC100 PREMIUM“, Enhancement: „Monitor“ and „gateway for remote surveillance“
2009   „SeCa CC100 Premium“ (Analyzer = analysis module for  measurements and project planning of radio systems)
2007   Extension of the „Command 100“ system to „SeCa CC100“ (visualization of radio topology, signal strength charts, battery measurement)
2006   Radio system  „Command 100“ for fire alarm and SHE system (automatic commissioning, status reports according to EN54-25)
2005   First synchronized radio network for radio fire alarm systems and SHE systems 
2004   First radio networked fire alarm system „Power Line“
2002   First independently radio linked fire alarm system „Comfort”
2001   First  inboard radio-window contact (patent EU 1325479)
2000   First radio hazard alarming system (patent DE 100 17 182)
1999   First radio smoke detector
1998   First radio operated smoke detector in Europe approved by the VdS