Remote access and monitoring

for wireless fire alarm systems SRC 4000

Remote access to a SRC 4000 series wireless fire alarm system can be realized regardless of the time and place by smartphone, tablet or PC. So you provide your customers with a fast and efficient service.
It does not matter whether you are preparing maintenance for battery levels, signal strengths, event memories or analysing system statistics or whether you are responding to an event reported by means of a push notification.

System description

To realize remote access there are two alternatives with different functionalities available.

Cloud Wireless 54®: SRC 4000 wireless fire alarm control panels with built-in Gateway Wireless 54® communicate with our Cloud Wireless 54®; server via a secure Internet connection. Connect with the server via Internet for remote access to the control panels by using your smartphone or tablet and APP Wireless 54®. The using of Cloud Wireless 54® smart offers you full scope of functionalities. A reduced scope of data call and service functions exists when using the Cloud Wireless 54® basic licence.

As an alternative to the communication via Cloud Wireless 54® connect directly with the SRC 4000 control panel via Internet by using your PC/Laptop and PC-software Assistant Wireless 54®.

The operator of the wireless fire alarm system must have access to the Internet (LAN) and an IP address. It goes without saying that all data is encrypted as it is transmitted along the entire transport distance.